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AtPresent Recorder Pro records your computer screen and saves it in the Macromedia FLASH format in minutes!

Thanks to smart analysis algorithm your Flash movie will have a very small size, so it will be available even for clients with a low bandwidth Internet.

  • Create attractive demos
  • Create "how-to" descriptive movies
  • Enhance your Support or Bug Tracking Systems
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AtPresent Editor creates Macromedia FLASH - based simulations, interactive presentations, tutorials, demos, learning materials, "how-to" documentation and much more from any your images, texts, audio, flash movies...

No programming knowledge required. Just some time and your imagination!

  • Present your products or services
  • Simulate working with site or software
  • Train your staff or customers
  • Build interactive Help Systems

Your presentations will be available for viewing in most web browsers that support Macromedia Flash Player v.6 (or later).

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AtPresent Recorder is an additional tool for the AtPresent Editor application. You can record all user activities right from computer desktop and prepare the project for the Editor automatically.

This instrument allows you easily create your simulation or tutorial!    Read more...

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Version: 3.1
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Version: 1.4b2
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Version: 2.0
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