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AtPresent Recorder

AtPresent Recorder is an additional PC screen capturing tool for the AtPresent Editor application.

For simulations, tutorials, trainings, presentations...

You can record user activities from your computer screen and automatically prepare the presentation project for the AtPresent Editor program for further editing. In the Editor you can add explanation texts, audio, flash movies, interactions and so on.    Read more...
Also, you can save the sequence of HTML pages with captured screenshots.

Recording process is very easy and takes just a few minutes!

Main features

  • Capture the full screen or definite area
  • Capture the mouse cursor
  • Observe and delete captured screens
  •

Try this tool for free.

Want more features?

Look at the AtPresent Recorder Pro application.

It records your computer desktop and makes the Macromedia FLASH movie from captured screenshots in minutes!    Read more about the product...

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Version: 2.0
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