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AtPresent Editor

AtPresent Editor is the presentation building software.

With the AtPresent Editor you can easily create interactive Macromedia Flash - based presentations, simulations, demos, tutorials... Without any programming knowledge!

For presentations...

View presentation demo

Building the presentation with the AtPresent Editor is similar to the same process as in the widely known and used Power Point software. You create a sequence of slides and place texts, audio, images...

And for interactive simulations...

  • Your presentation will be really "alive" and dynamic, because you can add transformations to any object on the slide.
  • Your presentation will be really interactive, because you can add interactive elements to your slides and let the user really participate in the workflow of your presentation.
  • Your presentation can be as real as the simulation of your program, especially if it is recorded from the PC desktop by the AtPresent Recorder tool.
  • Your presentation will be generated in a Macromedia Flash format that is already widely spread all over the world. Just imagine that your presentation will be available on-line for anybody over Internet to view any time, any day, without any limitations!

View tutorial demonstration View simulation demo View our clients demo

Why AtPresent Editor?

It's Not only a Flash Movie! The generated presentation is not just a Flash movie - it is a Flash-based application, this means:

  • skins - change your presentation appearance easily, economize on text frames
  • loading control - no more blinking between screens, the engine will look after all the screen's resources that are loading to display the screen as it was designed
  • resources preloading - no long-lasting initial wait for downloading, resources are loading in background while the client is studying your screen's presentation
  • client-side playback control - clients can change the playback speed and audio volume at the same time they are observing the presentation

Dynamic content without programming! You just visually arrange all the objects in the editor and set the necessary transformations and behaviors. All the rest of the work will be done automatically.

Take care of your clients! Build your fast-loading, smart-controlled presentation and your clients will certainly thank you!

Flash-based technologies. The Macromedia Flash player is already installed on most of the computers in the world. No additional installations or plug-ins are required for your clients!

Finally, this is the most cost-effective, reliable project that is always growing and is always opened to your feedback and suggestions!

Additional tools

You can record all the user activities right from computer desktop and prepare the project for the AtPresent Editor automatically to easily create your simulation or tutorial by AtPresent Recorder.    Read more...

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Version: 1.4b2
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What is it for?
  • For Tutorials and Interactive Help Systems
  • For Simulations and Trainings
  • For Any Type of Presentations
  • For E-Learning Materials
View generated demo examples...

Quick features
  • Place texts, images, audio, Flash movies
  • Add transformations, adjust time intervals
  • Add interactions and positive/negative reactions
  • Set font styles and skin frames for text elements
  • Much more...
To read full documentation on-line click here...

What are our clients saying?
"I am installing new version. I like AtPresent Editor. For me it is very useful. Thank you."
Marcello Aprea,
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