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Tutorial creation service.

Do you want to enhance usual boring Help File for your software? You get into the right place!

Let us make the tutorial for your software!

We create the Macromedia Flash - based simulation, which shows your clients how to use your program. User views the full working cycle of your program, stopping as necessary to read useful information, tips and recommendations.

Also, we can add a set of exercises to let your clients to interact with your software simulator.

Order Tutorial.

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AtPresent Recorder Pro tutorial


  • Include the tutorial into distributive, so users can run it right from your program.
  • Publish the tutorial on your web site, allowing your potential clients quickly understand that your program is right the program they are looking for!
  • Distribute your tutorial on the CDs to awake offline users interest in your software.

Price depends on the size of generated tutorial, on development time, on your participation in creation process and starts from $200.

Development time depends on the size of generated tutorial and on count of made iterations and starts from
7 days.

The Macromedia Flash player is already installed on most computers in the world. So your tutorial will be available without any installations or additional plugins.
Satisfy your Clients!
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