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AtPresent Editor

What's new - Changelog and Release Notes.

Version 1.4 (beta version, in testing now)

  • Publishing changes:
    • 100% or match-to-movie size,
    • supported fit-to-browser window mode for Flash v.8 and for Mozilla and Firefox browsers
    • Compensate Flash border problem
  • Working area and Publishing Size
  • Extra information about objects in names showed in the inspector tree
  • Presentation's Background color
  • "About" information in presentation's skin
  • The sequential presentations linking
  • New types of Link object:
    • link to another presentation
    • window closer
  • Tools:
    • Presentation splitter
    • Presentation content mover
    • Presentation's steps numerator
    • Resources merger
    • Published content archiver
  • Changes in GUI
  • Outlining text skin frames
  • Outlining the final bounds of objects (after transformation)
  • Cursor tracing that shows the speed of moving
  • Double click on object changes inspector's view

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  • Fixed size of generated presentation browser window size.
  • Changes in generated project's index file. Each presentation can be opened in separate new window now.

Version 1.3.2

  • Patch for viewing generated presentations in Macromedia Flash Player v.8 created.
  • New content delivery loader shows loading percents info only if loading process is slow.
  • Now Editor generates more compact publishing project's structure.
  • Generated project's index html file contains additional links to open presentations in new window.
  • Now it is possible to preview Flash resources (by clicking on preview panel).
  • Thanks to changes in JavaSWF Library, it is possible to use transparent images in presentations.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to Flash resources and objects processing.


  • Fixed bug in presentation importing process.


  • Fixed bug in skin that led to browser locking up.

Version 1.3.1

  • Mozilla web browser is supported.
  • Added "No sound" label in skin's settings window. It indicates that there are no any soundtracks used in presentation.
  • Fixed bug in publishing of project that contains presentations with different skins.
  • Fixed bug in aligning objects by width.
  • Fixed bug in selecting objects after copy/paste operations.
  • Some changes in installer.

Version 1.3

  • You can use compiled flash movies as a new resource type to embed in your presentation.
  • Lasso editor tool.
  • You can input text value for Text Field inside big text area in a dialog window instead of small one-line area.
  • Added repainting manager to sequentially repaint all application window (for some versions of Java machine window was not always repainted).
  • Fixed bug with presentation importing.
  • More features are available for publishing in demo version: cursor object and motion transformation.
  • Installer finds and checks JRE, installed on the computer, for compatibility.

Version 1.2.1

  • Some changes lead to speed optimization in presentation player engine.

Version 1.2

  • The first public release of the program.
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