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AtPresent Editor

About AtPresent Editor

AtPresent Editor creates interactive presentations, simulations, demos, tutorials that can be easily published on any web site or distributed for offline use. Your presentations will be available for viewing in most browsers that support Macromedia Flash Player v.6 (or later). No any other plugins required.

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Main Editor Features
  • Compile your content visually, using the next type of resources
images (.gif, .jpg, .png)
text files (.txt, .html)
Flash movies (.swf)
audio files (.mp3)
  • Manage any number of presentations that can share the same resources inside one project
  • Add interactions to let users "communicate" with your presentation
simulated mouse clicks (single or double)
key pressing action
text input field
hyperlink area
  • Add positive/negative reactions on user action both for any interactive element and/or for the whole screen
  • Add transformations to objects that are placed to screen
animated text typing
screen scrolling
  • Apply different font styles for your texts, make them scrollable, selectable, etc.
  • Add skin frames (as balloons, shadow, scrollbar) for text elements
  • Add mouse cursors and mouse clicks, substitute the system mouse
  • Use data from input fields later in texts in your presentation
  • Preview presentation in browser from any screen you want
  • much more...

Main Presentation Features
  • Skins supporting
  • Ahead resources preloading for next presentation's screens
  • Customizable navigation between screens
  • Client-side playback control - client can change the playback speed and audio volume at the time of presentation observing
  • Showing screen titles and numbers on the skin's menu bar
  • Indication of each screen's downloading (if it is necessary)

Skin elements
  • Navigation bar
  • Text frames of different types
  • Downloading indicator
  • Scrollbars
  • Service message window
  • Audio volume control
  • Playback speed control

Distributive includes 5 skins with different color schemes.

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