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AtPresent Recorder Pro via AtPresent Recorder

The main features in comparing.        About AtPresent Recorder Pro

Version: 3.1    
Price: $39.95 Buy Now
Features   Pro 3.1   2.0
- catch full screen or particular rectangular area of the screen
- catch mouse position and cursor type
- edit captured mouse cursor position and type
- capture only not equal sequential screens
- catch single/double mouse clicks
- observe and delete captured screens
- restore deleted screenshots
- timeline control
- set duration time for each captured screen
- set mouse cursor motion duration time separately from the screen's duration time
- prepare the project for AtPresent Editor application
- create the Flash movie file
- prepare screenshots (copy to clipboard, save to file)
- save screenshots as the sequence of HTML pages
- define cursor motion "smoothness"
- change all movie playing speed
- define working area for all captured content
- add mouse tracing
- scale the all recorded content
- burn your Copyright string into the Flash movie
- enable cursor's shadow
- "loop" mouse path
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