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How To Use AtPresent Recorder Pro

At a glance: How does the AtPresent Recorder Pro work?

Version: 3.1    
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1. Record your actions

  • Record the full computer screen or set a particular rectangle to be captured
  • Define the capturing interval
  • Define the graphics quality
  • Capture all the screens or only the screens that differ by graphical content
2. Edit captured content

  • Correct the mouse cursor position and pointer type
  • Set the duration of screens and mouse cursor motions
  • Delete/restore screens or add screen copies
  • Add mouse tracing and define cursor motion "smoothness"
  • Set all movie scaling, playing speed and more...

Note. You can always record extra missing screens.

3. Make Flash Movies

  • Publish on a web site
  • Send by e-mail
  • Distribute on CDs

Note. You can export the captured content to the AtPresent Editor application or to a sequence of HTML pages with screenshots.

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